Monday, September 10, 2007

Life is a Beach

We got back yesterday from a week in Seaside with Dada's parents. They found a lovely 4 bedroom rental house that was 3 short blocks from the beach. I had never been to Seaside before, and I gotta say it was great! It is very level and not too spread out which made for super easy walking around town. We got to the beach every day (of course) and had many great walks and times digging in the sand. Even though being in a different house can be more work for parents of young children; how childproof is someone else's childproof, how fast will Charlie figure out how to turn on the gas stove (not very long), how fast will Charlie find the on/off switch for the garbage disposal (again, not very long); this house had obviously had children in it frequently and after a couple of baby gates were put up we could let the kids roam at will.
Grandma made sure we ate really well and we of course had happy hour every day (it seemed to get earlier and earlier every day). Ahhh, life is good.

This was our first day there. We got right to work digging and letting the kids feel the sand with their fingers and toes:

Grandpa Max playing with their dog, Nutmeg. She had a fabulous time running around in the water and had quite a few baths during the week!

Charlie really got into the spirit of the digging and playing. Plus, it's not too windy in Seaside so the sand didn't get blown into eyes and such as we were playing.

The next morning Max and I fed the seagulls some bread. They aren't shy and came to within 4 feet of us!

Dada decided to walk with Charlie into the water to see what she would do. She obviously has no trust issues with her Dada because she was quite all right in there with him!

Charlie is in a great mood sitting on Dada eating a cookie!
Max got to have his first marshmallow. Not s'mores, just a marshmallow for dessert one night. Look at the smile on his face!

He and Dada had to clink a little cheers before eating.

Yum! I like marshmallows! More marshmallows please!

'The Chariot'
This is how we went walking, once with both kids in there but mostly with Charlie in the backpack on Dada and Max in the chariot. Max insisted on being carried quite a bit and this was so much easier on the Mama!!

Of course there was a little down time when Max needed some entertainment so we put on a movie or show on Dada's laptop and he would be miraculously quiet for a while! Here he is making himself at home.

One morning we went down the coast to Cannon Beach and had to pose in front of Haystack Rock. Haystack is beautiful and though it can't be seen in the picture, it was constantly swarmed with various sea birds flying all around and over it.

Dada and Max decide to start building a sandcastle.

It was still in a rough state when we decided we should head back to the house soon for lunch. Max and Dada show the volcano shaped sandcastle:

Then Dada plops Max right on top of the mound! 'What? No! I have no idea how Max got so much sand in his pants!'

Dada and Max put hand prints in the side of the crushed sandcastle:
Charlie fell asleep shortly after, on our walk back to the truck. She was so out she didn't even feel Dada take the backpack off and set it on the ground!

The boys watching a movie. Max was really into whatever they were watching. Look at the chin resting on the hands!