Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Stowaways

Max and I spent a week down at my parents house earlier in the month. My parents weren't actually there (I had permission though!) so we were sort of stowaways using the house and toys as we wanted. Max had a great time playing with toys he had never seen before. He especially liked the booster seat (it was just his size and I put it on the floor for him) and the old swim goggles. He and I took turns putting it on. Fortunately for me Max isn't old enough to take my picture while wearing the goggles. No proof of how silly Mama is!

The reason we spent a week down there was so that Dada had the whole house to himself to get the living room, dining room, kitchen, and hallway painted. It looks fantastic! Next post will be pictures of the newly painted rooms.

We're back! An apple a day...

Max has been learning to brush his teeth. His favorite part is the rinsing, of course. He loves to play in the water with his toothbrush. The actual brushing of the teeth is an 'incidental' part of it for him so that Dada will let him play in the water.