Sunday, June 25, 2006

After a hot day playing in the pool...

There is NOTHING like...Riding on your toy car in your birthday suit!

Party on, Wayne!

We had a little gathering yesterday so that folks could see the new digs, and ended up spending the whole time in the back yard! Here are some pictures of the kids enjoying the warm weather.Naked little boy #1 is Tabor, Naked little boy #2 is Wolfie, Swim diaper little boy is my nephew Benny, and then there is Max in his too cute shirt. The pool was a big hit!

Evan joins Tabor and Wolfie at the pool.

Tabor shows his wild side.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I was havin' so much fun playing in the bath, I didn't care what Mama did to my hair!

Hello world - Here I come!

I haven't quite figured out the pedals yet, but I love going for rides!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Hooray for sunshine!

Max has been going a little stir-crazy lately, which is easily fixed by spending some time outside - either in our backyard or the local park. But this past week the weather has been a bit iffy so it was a big relief to finally have some real sunshine this afternoon!

Here Max is doing his best Dada impression, digging a hole with his very own shovel. Of course that means that dirt gets sprinkled all over everything near him... tarp, recycle bins, toys, Mama's feet, etc. But he was having so much fun!

After digging holes for a while, he went for a few laps around the yard with his little shopping cart. He is getting pretty good at navigating all of the hills and depressions in our unlandscaped yard. Maybe next year we will have the time to work on smoothing out the grass?!?

Friday, June 09, 2006

I'm back... sort of

Oh, my... it has been a LONG time since I last posted!! I had no idea how much the combination of all of the goings on we've had in our lives in the past couple of months would overwhelm me ... moving, trying to find particular items in the boxes in the basement, chasing Max around (while 6-7 months pregnant!) oh, and I am also making 5 bridesmaid dresses right now. Anyway, here are some new pictures I have taken in the past couple of weeks. Enjoy!

Max really has a thing for buttons of all kinds, and here his cousin Shelby is playing on a handheld game unit, which Max found endlessly fascinating. Actually, Shelby was really patient with him until he turned it off and she lost all of her points! Sorry, Shelby.

I have been having a harder and harder time getting Max to sit/lie still while I change his clothes. Some days I catch him as he runs by and remove one clothing item at a time, and then try to get his diaper changed, and then have to catch him again to get clean clothes on him. He has a great time running around in just a diaper, as you can see!

Max appears to be enjoying his fathers clothing choices as much as I am at this moment, doesn't he? ;)
BTW, this was taken in our new kitchen. I love the new cabinets and slate floor, not to mention the oh so handy wall magnets and utensil hooks.