Monday, July 24, 2006

Too hot!

We have had some unusually warm weather here in the rose city for the past few days. Typically, even if the temperature does go up, it isn't too bad because it is only slightly humid, if at all. Well, over the weekend it felt downright muggy, like we were in the midwest (or east, or south; pretty much anywhere but here!). We Oregonians just aren't used to that and tend to wilt pretty easily.

That having been said, we pretty much stayed in the house today to try to stay out of the heat. We don't have central air conditioning, but it does stay 10-15 degrees cooler in the house than outside. Max was too warm with clothes on, so he ran around the house in just a diaper.

When it is hot, and you have gotten a bit bored of Mama's entertainment, what's the most fun thing to do?
Why, swiffer the floor, of course!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Gaga's birthday

This year for Max's Grandma's birthday, she decided she wanted us to all go to OMSI together. She and Max (and all of the rest of us, of course) had a wonderful time. Max kept running from station to station and had so much fun! He loved throwing the legos back into the bin in the center of the table,

and stacking up these pieces as high as he could reach,

and most of all, loved playing in the water! We kept wondering when he would wind down so that we could leave, but he never did. Dada ended up putting Max up on his shoulders so that we could get him out of there. I'm sure Max would happily go back every day if he could!!