Thursday, November 06, 2008

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Char's favorite question lately has been what animal is that?  
Which sounds like, 'Wha' ammo zat?'

Sometimes she is pointing to an actual animal (cat, dog, squirrel, bird) or to a stuffed animal, but she could just as well be pointing to a spider, fly, or a leaf on a tree.  Someday we'll teach her what the word animal means.  ;)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Tonight, we opened the bottle of 1992 Dom Perignon that we have been saving for a special occasion.  Yes.  We do believe.  
Yes we can.

I Don't Ever Want To Leave!

Saturday, we went to OMSI with Grandma Meier and cousin Robin.  The kids headed straight for the water:
Max got just a little excited with the whole thing:
(Note the Diego Rescue Pack still on his back!)
I managed to get Max away from the water for a bit and into a pretend tree trunk with super size plastic acorns:
Snack time:

What a fun (and exhausting) time we had!

Trick or Treat!!

We had a fun (and wet) Halloween this year.  Grandma & Grandpa Meier, cousin Robin, and neighbors Breein, Timothy, and baby Koen all came over for dinner and some trick-or-treating.
Char had to try on Grandma's hat:

Diego and the Princess:
(Dada was having them do arm motions to keep them standing together for the photo session)

The rainy trick-or-treating:

Dada in his Mexican Wrestler costume with Max trying to sound just as scary in his Diego costume:
Char didn't recognize Dada in his costume:

Let the sugar coma begin!