Thursday, April 26, 2007

Here Kitty, Kitty!

Charlie just loves Cliffy. She has a special squeal she only makes when she sees him. Now that she is crawling, she can actually follow him around. He just loves that.

Ooh, I almost have you!

Good Kitty.

We have a Crawler!

Well, it has happened. Charlie figured out how to get around! I now have to sweep the floor about every other day to keep all of the little bits and dust from going into her mouth... oy. Here she is wearing Dada's favorite hat...

and not wearing Dada's favorite hat. Boy, she can whip hats off quickly!

What? Not for Boys?

Max has been visiting our closet ever since we moved into this house as there is no closet door. He loves playing with our shoes - we often find them all piled into our hamper (could he be telling us something?!?) The other day he came out wearing a pair of my high heels, much to his father's chagrin. Dada even asked me not to take pictures of it, but how could I not? This will be great material once he hits his teenage years.

Hair and Makeup Please!

A couple of weekends ago the kids and I went down to my parents house for the weekend. My niece, Cassidy, found Grandma's lipsticks and proceeded to make sure she and Grandma looked their best.
Modeling the latest color!
Then she moved onto the hair. Everyone needs little pony tails all over their head, right?

Helper Max

Dada needed to fix the hinge on the foyer bench/coathook. Max, of course, had to supervise.
And then he had to get in on the action.

It's been a while...

Due to a combination of trying to figure out a new camera and some laptop issues, it has been a while since my last post. So I have a few to catch up on today!
Here is a shot of Max coloring the other day. The lazy (or smart?) kid insisted upon pushing the footstool over from the living room so that he could sit and color.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Crazy boys!

On Monday our friends Wolfie and Mom Erica came over for a play date. Max was showing off his new trike riding abilities and Wolfie caught a ride gladiator style. Erica and I were laughing so much it was almost too difficult to take the pictures!

First Visit to the Pool With Grandpa

Last week Max got to go swimming with Grandpa for the first time. He obviously had a horrible time. He and Grandpa played in there for an hour!

Right before it was time to get out, Max decided it was a good idea to dump the entire toy bin into the water. Grandpa was thrilled to have to run all of them down.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Ray of Light!

Yesterday I managed to get not one, but two pictures of Charlie smiling that actually show her two bottom teeth! Such a gorgeous smile. But I'm not biased or anything...

Look What I Can Do!

Something else Max figured out how to do the other day was take off his own shirt. You can imagine my delight. I decided to take the laid back approach and ask him if he was cold. It took him a little while, but finally answered in the affirmative and Dada helped him put the shirt back on.

My Bike Has Pedals!!

Dada and I have been trying for months to get Max to use the pedals on his tricycle. This past weekend he finally figured out what we were talking about all this time! Check out Wallace and his sippy cup on the handle bars. A guy on the move must have his dog and some refreshment.