Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Boys are silly!

Dada bought a bicycle helmet for Max recently. No, he doesn't have a bike yet, but Dada did find a trailer for behind his bike for Max to ride in. Thus the helmet. One day while I was out, Dada put the helmet on Max and let him run around the house like that as long as Max would keep it on. Crazy boys!

Max has decided that one of his favorite places to sit and hang out is in one of his toy baskets. We have found him in there a number of times, and finally got a picture of it. What a cutie!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The 'New' old floors

The original wood floors in the new house have been refinished, and they look great! Here is a shot of the boys sitting enjoying a snack on them.
There are, however, some disadvantages to refinishing old floors vs. replacing them...
Here is a burn in the shape of an iron that was uncovered in one of the bedrooms.
Oh well. There has to be some character in a 96 year old house, right?

Max's Favorite Condiment

Max has re-discovered the joys of.... Ketchup.He absolutely loves it. We think he may just eat anything that is dipped in its wonderful red stickiness.
He doesn't even mind when Dada puts a spot of it on his forehead!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Mama's weekend away

This past weekend my mom and I travelled to our Alma Mater, Cottey College, in Missouri for the annual alumni weekend. Mom went with me 3 years ago to my 10th reunion (boy am I feeling old!) so I promised her I would go with her this year to her 40th reunion. My Dad travelled with us too, but he stayed up in the KC area to visit family over the weekend. It was a great weekend - so much laughing, catching up, and great food (yes, we ate on campus the entire weekend. Private colleges have wonderful menus!). My Cottey roommate still lives in Missouri and was able to come down on Saturday. It was wonderful to see her and catch up. My mom's Cottey roommate and her daughter, also a Cottey grad, were also able to come down on Saturday so the 5 of us hung out all afternoon and had a great time! It was really nice to be back on campus and see how things have changed, and that all of the great things that I loved about it haven't changed a bit. My Cottey roommate, Kim, and I
(I'm starting to look a little pregnant, aren't I?)

My Mom and I posing with one of the many wonderful statues on campus.

Can't wait to go back in 2 years! Go class of '93!