Tuesday, May 16, 2006

We've moved

We moved into the new house this past Saturday, and are still dealing with cleaning, unpacking, and trying to get all of the appliances plugged in and working. The actual moving of the belongings is such a small portion of the entire move! (Although we REALLY appreciate everyone that showed up to help with the moving) All of the packing, sorting, labelling, etc. that goes on before a single thing gets moved, and now all of the unpacking... it seems to go on forever.

Max is doing very well, considering. He is a trooper with change and is still sleeping and eating well, and just a bit clingy otherwise. But as we clear out space for him to run and he gets used to it here he is getting much better and continues to be the happy bright little boy he has always been.

As soon as I find my camera (I know it's around here somewhere) I will upload some more pictures. Until then, get outside and enjoy the weather here in the Rose City!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Summer Fun!

Well, summer isn't quite here yet, but we've had some gorgeous weather here starting on Sunday. It was warm enough that Max really really wanted to play in some water in the backyard. His Dada hooked up the spritzer and Max had a blast. He was soaking wet and a bit cold by the time he was done, but nothing a little warm water in the bathtub couldn't fix!
Max figured out pretty quickly that it was fun to get some water to accumulate in a bowl and then throw it around - usually on Mama and Dada!
(BTW, aren't those shorts and sandals too cute? I could just eat him up!)