Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Cat Fixation

If there were any doubt about how strong Charlie is, here is proof that she could be a tiny tot weight lifter:

Mommy carries around Cliffy, why can't I?

Oof.  Hey, Cliffy, you ever think about going on a diet?

No Cliffy!  Don't run!  Why do you run away from me?!

Oh Cliffy, you are my favorite.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Walking for the Cure

Yesterday I walked in the Portland Race for the Cure with my mom, Gail (center, in survivor pink) and my mom-in-law, Roselyn (right).

Look at the crowd!  And this is while we were just trying to cross the starting line.
This is almost to the half-way point.  You can see how far people are going in front of us, and it was the same behind us - over 45,000 people participated!
Woo hoo!  This was my 5th year of participation, and for the first time ever I asked for sponsorships with the goal of raising $77, the cost of one mammogram for a woman without healthcare coverage.  My friends really came through - and donated $152 for me!!
Thank you!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Flowbee Round 1

Dada decided that he wanted to give Max a Flowbee haircut instead of taking him in to pay for a haircut.  So he borrowed a flowbee from friends to see if it would work out before buying one.  He carefully explained to Max that the vacuum would be running and it would be loud but that it is just a haircut and it might tickle a little bit.

Evidently it did tickle a bit at first!

Charlie felt it important to comfort Max by holding on to his legs and saying 'OK, Max' over and over.  Not sure it actually comforted Max, but cute nonetheless.

Max really didn't like the trimming around the ears.

Then Dada used the flowbee on himself.

Not bad haircuts, eh?


These ones are just because I think she is so darn cute.
Hugging Buddha has lately become very important when we are playing in the back yard.

SO photogenic!
I made the little capri pants she is wearing, but she refused to model them standing up.

School At Last!

Preschool begins at last for Max.
Yesterday morning was Max's first day at preschool for this year.  Of course I forgot to take his picture before we left in the morning so I had to try to get one of him after lunch.

Hopefully next year I can remember to take his picture in front of the dogwood again!