Sunday, February 24, 2008

Latest on the Kids

The other morning when I went in to get Charlie in the morning, she had worked her whole arm out of her pajamas. The zipper was completely done up still, but she managed to get that arm out!

Max has taken to squinting his eyes when I get the camera out because he doesn't like the flash. I must have taken him by surprise because this is a great smile! Doesn't he look like such a big boy?!?

Bring On The Bread

I am a bread maker. Just for the family and perhaps to take over to someone else's house for dinner, but primarily just for our enjoyment. When I heard about a bread making demonstration of how to make crusty artisan bread put on by King Arthur Flour, I got very excited! My friend, Brian, also enjoys making bread for his family so I asked him to attend the demo with me. It was really informative and well done. So, with new recipes, knowledge of techniques, and some rye flour, tonight I will attempt to make my very first ever Poolish (pronounced poo-leesh') and tomorrow will go for some round artisan loaves of rye bread. Updates to follow.

Friday, February 15, 2008

18 Months of Charlie!

This morning Charlie and I went to the pediatrician's office for her 18 month checkup. She had to get 3 immunization shots, but took them like a champ and cried less than a minute. As soon as I offered her a cracker she was all over the sadness. What a toughie!
Her stats:
Weight 25 lbs 9 0z = 75th percentile
Length 35" = Off the chart super tall
Head circumference 48.6 cm = 90th percentile

She is doing so-so-so well! I told the doctor that she is saying at least 15 different words on a regular basis in addition to another 10 or so that she signs which impressed him. She has some stranger anxiety going on right now and really didn't want the doctor or nurses to touch her, but all in all made it through the appointment very well. Way to go, Beautiful!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Her Modelling Skills Need Some Honing...

I recently finished this cute dress for Charlie and decided I should take some pictures of it for my new website. Charlie really wasn't in the mood to smile at the camera or stop moving while standing. Sitting in the chair for 5 seconds was the only time she was still without coercion!

Then after I took the dress off of her she climbed up on the stool to look out the window at the boys in the back yard. Look at those cute legs! ;)


Charlie loves getting a good view of whatever we are doing, especially if it has to do with food. She always keeps a very firm grip on the shoulder.

Max has figured out that if an ottoman is next to the baby gate, he can use it to climb over and back to get upstairs by himself. Sometimes, his pants get caught on the gate and of course we leave him until we can get the camera in there for a good shot!